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Simple Solutions via Complex Algorithms

DouglasBlackwell applies scientific methods to build fact-based solutions to solve complex business problems. Our objective is to develop customized, purposeful and relevant algorithms using data for effective decision-making.  We believe in science vs. intuition; enabling leaders to be confident in their decisions.



Leading technology and business transformations for global clients

“How does your company use advanced technologies to create value?”

This has become the defining business challenge of our time; a question that we have become proficient in answering through the use of global data sets, advanced prediction algorithms, and fact-based discovery. By combining our expertise with ingenuity & computational power, we are able to answer the complex problems your organization faces.




Utilizing the power of mind and machines to think, understand, and form judgments that lead to intelligent business decisions by a process of logic.

We are a team of futurists, scientists, engineers, and astute business minds who believe that the scientific method is the best way to approach decision-making.

Ideas backed up with information & improved by iteration.

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level.

By working with both business and technology leaders in organizations, we are able to help companies make the right decisions to protect their position, re/pre-establish relevancy, or prepare for the future.


Using artificial intelligence, we have constructed a series of processes to identify the white space in industries that can offer opportunities to generate 100M + market opportunities. We build a full picture view of the target market or industry by establishing signals of early opportunity detection and potential risk.

A clear playbook is emerging for how to integrate and capitalize on advanced technologies—across an entire company, and in any industry. Creativity and innovation are brought to life, we design the solution and then build a company around the identified investment opportunity, to bring products and services to market.




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